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Dockerize an ASP.NET Core application


You may have known how to deploy an asp net core application through the preceding two articles. However, if you don’t know, then you can follow this post tutorial to dockerize your application step by step.

Docker has become massively popular, and it’s also pretty easy to use. It’s similar to dockerize a web application as a console application, except the running commands. However, it exists many ways to host your app(the load balance and microservices). This blog arming to make the process as simple as possible, and would not dive into advance(load balance and microservices).

The first essence you need is the image, and the second is to run your image as a container. There list three common ways to get your application image.

  1. Get your image copy(docker save and docker load command) from memory, if you are developing in Docker Container(note: switch to the release mode).
  2. Build from a Dockerfile.
  3. Retrieve from a registry.

This tutorial examples building an image from a Dockerfile.

View the Dockerfile contents.

Build your image.

After you build your image up successfully, then you can use the following snippet to run your image as a container.

I hope this helped you, if you have any questions, please be free to comment.